Current Recovery Efforts

Note: This section is dedicated to Council posting information applicable to current recovery efforts as a result of recent emergencies.

After an Emergency

  • Check on your neighbours and animals.
  • Seek medical attention if you have been hurt.
  • Contact your insurance company to discuss your policy and file a claim if necessary.
  • In major emergency events the Resilience NSW website will provide you with information on what financial assistance may be available to you 
  • A range of services are available for health, well-being, housing, legal and livestock support and assistance following an emergency event. 

Recovery Centres

A Recovery Centre offers more than just support in applying for financial assistance, it’s also a place where affected people can share their concerns with people who understand what you’re going through.

There’s support for your immediate needs as well as information and advice about all the programs that are available from the government, charities and local support services.

Recovery Centre staff are able help you get application processes started and answer questions about your circumstances.

There’s support for individuals, businesses, farmers and landholders. And ongoing help is available over the phone.

Agencies and services at a centre may include local council, Disaster Welfare, small business, Red Cross, NSW Health, Legal Aid, Fair Trading, Salvation Army, chaplains and insurers.